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ALL MONTH LONG-FLOOD BENEFIT SANDWICH. Cured is excited to introduce the Flood Anniversary Farmwich. Last September our community, family and friends were rocked by the torrential rains and the 100 yr. flood that tore through our town with a vengeance. It has been incredible to see how far we have all come since PLTthat horrible week last September, and it says a lot about this community’s compassion and ability to pull together when times are hard. While in many ways the flood feels like a thing of the past, for many, especially a number of the farmers who were hit the hardest, there is still an everyday reminder as they slowly piece their fields, crops and livelihoods back together. In honor of these farmers, who we feel lucky to also consider our friends, for the month of September Cured is running a sandwich special, The Farmwich. In addition to obviously purchasing the ingredients from the farms, we will be donating $1 from each special sandwich sold back to two farms we have long relationships with and who were hit as hard as any by last year’s disaster. As such, I am excited to introduce, the PLT. It’s loaded with Tender Belly Pork in a House Made Porchetta, fresh aioli using Cure Organic Farm Fresh Eggs, BonaVida Growers Tomatoes, Oxford Gardens Lettuce and Avalanche Creamery’s Cabra Blanca Cheese. It’s a sandwich so delicious that both your belly and your conscience will be battling over which will thank you more. Starting tomorrow, we will be running this sandwich everyday through the end of the month. At the close of September will all feel great having helped support Peter at Oxford Gardens and Tim of BonaVida Growers, and from having enjoyed a number of delicious sandwiches. Come in once, twice, or every single day, and enjoy a tasty treat that just so happens to benefit our farmers and friends to boot.

SEPTEMBER 12: FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER. Continuing with our inspiration from our farmers and the bounty of produce that is pouring in this time of year, we are going to offer a vegetable tasting menu, filled with every tantalizing veggie bite our chefs can imagine. We’ll start off with a Wild Foraged Colorado Mushroom Pate, served with a seasonal House Pickle Sampler, a chunk of our favorite cheese at the moment, and a baguette (GF available). Next up is a Purslane Salad with Celery Confit, Pear, Blue Cheese and Peppered Almonds. We will round out the meal with Roast Eggplant and Chèvre Stuffed Raviolis with an Heirloom Tomato Broth and Fresh Herbs (GF alternative available), and we’ll finish our night off with a Fresh Fig and Mascarpone Tart with a Hazelnut Crust. It should be quite a feast! Dinner for two costs $48 and will be hot out of the oven at 5:30.

SEPTEMBER 13: MODERN GINGHAM TASTING: We are quite excited to once again welcome Kathy from Modern Gingham to Cured on Saturday to taste her incredible, local, foraged jams andpreserves. Kathy is a Denver local and the proprietor of Modern Gingham Preserves, a small, boutique operation that turns local fruit - much of it foraged - into utterly delicious, innovative and addictive jams, marmalades and preserves. She travels around Denver, taking advantage of farms with too much produce and residents over bountiful fruit trees, collecting fruit to make her spectacular concoctions. Her jams tent to be a bit juicier then many - she aims for such consistency as it allows chefs the ability to easily incorporate her products into sauces and vinaigrettes. Her jams are also less sweet than most, a sign of respect for the fruit she has harvested. Kathy will be with us from 1-4 on Saturday, tasting such delectable flavors as strawberry black pepper and blueberry balsamic. We hope you’ll come on by for a taste or two!

SEPTEMBER 26: FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER. This time, our chefs will be whipping up some comfort food, Cured style, with a “Pot Pie” of Hudson Valley Duck, Veggies, and Local Wild Foraged Mushrooms. We’ll serve it alongside a farm fresh Green Salad with Roast Winter Squash, Chèvre, Spiced Roast Nuts, and Cranberry Vinaigrette, and also include a specially paired bottle of wine (white or red options available)

Dinner for two costs $35 including the wine, and will be hot out of the oven at 5:30! As always, call in advance to reserve your feast!

FREE TUESDAY NIGHT WINE TASTING: Every Tuesday from 4-7. Every Tuesday we open up 4 different bottles of wine for tasting in our wine shop. It's a great way to taste some new wines and garner a bit of an education while sipping on some delicious wines. For the first three weeks of June, we'll be tasting a number of favorite summer wines. Then, for the fourth week, we'll take each of the top selling wines from the weeks prior, cover them up in brown paper bags, and host a blind tasting, letting you test your palate and memory, trying to decipher what each wine is.

CURED INTRODUCES PASTA WEDNESDAY'S!! Earlier this month,, we came in to open the shop and were greeted by one of the more beautiful and delectable sights we have seen in a while. Our counter was filled with perfect, round, freshly made ravioli, with a delicate dusting of flour, all lined up and waiting to be boxed up for a Friday night dinner. Brad had been in the shop since 6 am, rolling pasta, whipping filling, and stuffing these perfect little pillows of deliciousness. It seemed cruel that only the people getting that Friday night’s feast would get to enjoy these perfect bites, and whenever something seems cruel, it is only right to remedy it… Enter fresh pasta Wednesdays. Starting tomorrow, each and every Wednesday, Brad will be in the shop early whipping up a fresh batch of pasta. Using the best flour and Cure Farm’s fresh eggs, even the simplest parpadelle is going to be mouthwateringly delicious. Portions will be limited and doled out on a first come, first serve basis. To kick things off in style, tomorrow’s offering with be sweet potato-chèvre ravioli, served with a sage compound butter to boot. Ravioli for two costs $14. Brad will making these fresh on the front counter from 7-9 am every wednesday, so if you’re keen to watch the action, come on down for an espresso or a cappuccino from Boxcar, and watch the beginnings of your dinner being rolled out in front of you.

EVERY THURSDAY WE'RE COOKING YOU DINNER: Fresh roasted organic chickens with a side of duck fat potatoes. Hot out of the oven at 5:30, call weekly to reserve your dinner!!

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