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Each summer since opening Cured has hosted their own Tour de France, this one a bit easier to complete than the 21-day trek around France, at least for your legs. In honor and celebration of the single greatest sporting event on earth, let Cured owner and ex-Tour de France cyclist Will Frischkorn take you through his very own version of the that is a bit more accessible for the mere mortal. All you need to partake is a love of cheese, a passion for French wine, and a good appetite.

HOW IT WORKS: Will breaks the Tour into eight stages, each corresponding to 3-4 days of racing. Each region corresponds with a cheese and a beverage (after all, we’re starting in England this year!). As the riders make their way clockwise around France you’ll follow along, feeling thankful that while they’re suffering through the hills you’re enjoying cheese, wine, and entertainment from the comfort of your own home. Starting on Saturday the 5th of July in Leeds, UK, the Tour then hops the channel and winds its way through North-Western France, briefly heading into Belgium before looping south through the heart of Champagne, Alsace, and Burgundy. Then we’re off to Provence, the Pyrenees and Bordeaux. The riders then hop a flight north to complete their trek to Paris while we guiltily enjoy Champagne and a wedge of Fougerus.

WHAT YOU GET: Each stage, available individually for $40 or as part of the whole package for $295, comes with a chunk of cheese and a beverage to pair. While mostly wine, we’ll also have an exceptional beer this year, paying homage to the route that the organizers chose for this 101st edition of the TdF. Participants in our entire tour will receive a bottle of our House Red in an Arundel Looney Bin Bottle Cage (a new bottle cage engineered to hold a bottle of wine in comfort!), as a thank you, and a congratulations for your effort! This year’s tour is available for pickup at Cured, or for $95 a box will be waiting on your doorstep at the start of each stage.

Stage 1: July 5th-7th. Montgomery's Cheddar and Robinson's Old Tom Ale
Stage 2: July 8th-10th. Mimolette and Lelievre's Gris de Toul Rose
Stage 3: July 11th-14th. Le Marcaire and Albert Mann's Gewurztraminer
Stage 4: July 15th-18th. Affedelice and Vincent Paris' St Joseph
Stage 5: July 19th-21st. Banon and St Andre de Figueire's Premiere Rose
Stage 6: July 22nd-24th. Bleu de Berger and Chateau du Cros' Loupiac Dessert Wine
Stage 7: July 25th-26th. Selles sur Cher and Chateau Couronneau's Blanc
Stage 8: July 27th! Fougerous and Marie-Courtin's Resonance Champagne

FREE TUESDAY NIGHT WINE TASTING: Every Tuesday from 4-7. Every Tuesday we open up 4 different bottles of wine for tasting in our wine shop. It's a great way to taste some new wines and garner a bit of an education while sipping on some delicious wines. For the first three weeks of June, we'll be tasting a number of favorite summer wines. Then, for the fourth week, we'll take each of the top selling wines from the weeks prior, cover them up in brown paper bags, and host a blind tasting, letting you test your palate and memory, trying to decipher what each wine is.

EVERY THURSDAY WE'RE COOKING YOU DINNER: Fresh roasted organic chickens with a side of potatoes, salad and wine. Hot out of the oven at 5:30, call weekly to reserve your dinner!!

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